Sport Orthotics, Orthotic Insoles

Running may be good for the cardiovascular system and the muscles, but it's hard on the feet. No question about that. They take a beating every time your foot hits the pavement again. Small wonder your 'dogs' are hurting at the end of a run. And small wonder sport orthotics are growing in popularity. Instead of paying much more for sport orthotics, we recommend trying WalkFit® Platinum Orthotics first. Designed by a physician, WalkFit® Platinum effectively molds itself to your foot to minimize foot pain. It strengthens your heels and ankles, distributes your weight evenly over each foot, and protects your feet, legs and spine from the shocks of walking, running and jogging, especially on asphalt and concrete. It's the practical alternative to sport orthotics for many of us.

Orthotic insoles of some type are an absolute necessity for all runners, particularly those who have to (or choose to) do their running on city pavements. Orthotic insoles are molded insoles that are contoured to the sole of the foot. They are designed to reduce foot pain by altering biomechanical function, stabilizing and realigning the feet into the best possible position. This helps prevent the feet from rolling inwards, helping to keep the arches from flattening. In turn, this greatly reduces foot pain and improves body posture. Orthotic insoles are something that no runner should do without because of the musculoskeletal impact that accompanies every single footfall onto a hard surface, and even in a run of just a mile, there can be several thousand of these.

Almost every runner notices foot arch pain at the end of his or her run. Even the professionals get foot arch pain. Foot arch pain is typically caused by an inflammation of the tissues in the middle region of the foot, most commonly the fibrous tissue that connects the heel with the toes. And when this tissue becomes inflamed, even the simplest of movements of the foot can become quite painful. Experts consider the use of shoe inserts to be one of the best ways to treat this pain. We particularly recommend WalkFit® Platinum Orthotics. In a scientific study, it was demonstrated that more than 90% of the people tested reduced the pain levels in their feet substantially after using WalkFit® Platinum. Better yet, WalkFit® Platinum Orthotics, despite their advanced design and premium quality materials, still cost substantially less than most custom-fitted sport orthotics.

Don't let foot arch pain slow you down! Order your WalkFit® Platinum Orthotics today for only $19.95!