Walkfit Review By Robert the Pilot

Pain Relief
Ease of Use

By Robert the Pilot from Columbus, OH On 01/09/2022

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Walkfit is far superior to extensive supports

I have been using Walkfits since their first TV infomercials in the '90s. I have them in every pair of shoes, boots and runners I own and have for all this time. They have saved my knees and made walking and running a pleasure. I was scheduled for orthoscopic surgery in the military but managed to avoid it by having Walkfits. They made that much difference! They took all of the pressure off of my knees and helped me be correct my posture. I have to laugh at the high-end supports bought in specialty retail outlets. I went in to one out of curiosity and was told that the base pair of supports costs in the hundreds of dollars. I giggled (manly) and walked out (very comfortably in my Walkfits). These things are an absolute blessing.

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